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Núria Casamitjana: Education & Training in Global Health

Núria Casamitjana, director of Education and Training, explains how ISGlobal is training the future generations of researchers and professionals in global health, according to a specific educational model and with the common goal of making health a reality for all.

Video Transcription:

On of ISGlobal’s priorities is to train the future generations of researchers and professionals in global health.

To this end, we offer postgraduate programmes and continuous education in different topics in global health. At the same time, we implement capacity strengthening projects all over the world.

We are a research centre that is associated to two leading universities in our country: the University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University.

Our educational model is based on two main pillars. One is the translation of the latest knowledge generated through our research activities. The second one is the transdisciplinarity and the participative and active learning approach.

One key element of our programmes is the diversity of our students in terms of experience, background and geographical origin, all of them working together with a common goal: make health a reality for all.