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ISGlobal and CISM Define Joint Strategic Priorities for the Next Five Years

The management teams and research staff of both centres meet in Mozambique to discuss their future goals and strengthen their collaboration

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For 27 years, ISGlobal and the Manhiça Health Research Centre (CISM) have shared a model of institutional, scientific and technical cooperation that has helped to reduce the impact of some of the major health problems in southern Africa. At a time when both centres are immersed in a process of in-depth strategic reflection, the general and scientific management teams of both centres, together with a large group of research staff, met this week in Maputo (Mozambique) to define the priorities for scientific and training collaboration for the next five years

Strengthening synergies in infectious diseases research

The long-standing partnership between ISGlobal and the CISM/Manhiça Foundation has provided the framework within which both centres have developed, creating the synergies needed to advance the control and prevention of infectious diseases affecting the most vulnerable populations in the poorest regions. The scientific meeting, attended by nearly 50 people, fostered discussions on the main challenges, opportunities and common priorities that the researchers will have to face in the coming years in their respective research areas: malaria; viral, bacterial and other neglected tropical diseases; tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS; maternal, child and reproductive health; and population studies.

New collaborations in emerging research areas

The meeting also promoted new collaborations in emerging priority research areas of common interest where both centres can continue to grow and strengthen, such as environmental health and climate, non-communicable diseases, emerging viral diseases, and microbiome studies and implementation science. They also reviewed goals and priorities for collaboration in training and cross-cutting issues of mutual interest, such as data management, statistics and modelling, microbiology laboratory support, clinical trials and project management

Towards new joint ventures

"It has been three days of insightful and constructive discussions where we have not only exchanged ideas but also broadened our mutual understanding, strengthened our relationships and paved the way for new joint ventures," said Antoni Plasència, General Director of ISGlobal.

Francisco Saúte, Director of CISM, closed the event by thanking everyone for their active participation. "It is your commitment and contribution that drives progress. We are committed to ensuring the continuity and follow-up of this process so that together we can achieve our common goals.