ISGlobal Becomes an Institutional Member of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health

The consortium promotes alliances between academic institutions in order to harness their capabilities in research, education and service


 This year ISGlobal has become an institutional member of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH). The Consortium views universities as a transforming force in global health and seeks to promote their capacities in training, research and service to better address the current challenges in the field.  It does so by facilitating knowledge sharing, partnership development and the scaling up of evidence-based solutions to bring new solutions to these challenges.

“Being a member of the Consortium involves various benefits” points out Nuria Casamitjana, director of the Training Department of ISGlobal, “such as networking with other leading academic global health programs, access to a global health information hub that includes educational materials, workshops and employment opportunities, and have a stronger voice and presence in the global health community”.

The criteria for CUGH membership are to offer an interdisciplinary program, work in health across education, research and service, and have long-term partnerships with institutions in low and middle income countries.  The Consortium currently has 139 members worldwide, including the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, Aga Khan University and Ben Gurion University. The Annual CUGH Conference has become one of the world’s leading events in global health. Next Conference will take place in Washington, USA, from April 7-9 2017, under the motto “Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems”.  

Additionally, ISGlobal is a university research institute affiliated to the University of Barcelona and the University Pompeu Fabra.