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ISGlobal Consolidates its Position as one of the Leading Think Tanks on Global Health in the World

For the second consecutive year, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health is included in the ranking by the University of Pennsylvania


Last year, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health appeared for the first time in the “Global Go To Think Tank” index published every year by the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, with the aim of identifying centres of excellence in the major areas of public policy research worldwide. In its new edition 2016, ISGlobal appears again as one of the leading think tanks in the global health category, occupying the 16th position worldwide and the 4th in Europe, after three British centres.

Gonzalo Fanjul, director of Policy Analysis at ISGlobal, emphasizes that “despite the think tank’s modest size, our work model based on the generation and translation of scientifice evidence gives us a reputational weight that has allowed us to consolidate our position among the leading centres in global health”.

The Global Go To Think Tank, the only index performed at a global level, ranks the major think tanks worldwide, classifying them according to region and categories. The list is the result of an open nomination process in which 6,846 think tanks from the Think Tanks and Social Civil Program (TTSCP) database and over 4,750 journalists, specialists, public and private donors, and policymakers participate.

The  Policy and Global Development department, which is responsible for ISGlobal’s public policy research analysis, is one of the pillars of the institute’s model. The need for policy analysis was one of the main reasons that led the "la Caixa" Foundation and the other founding partners to create a global health institute in Barcelona. The Policy and Global Development, together with the Training department, are responsible for the transfer to society of the knowledge generated by research and for ensuring that such knowledge is translated into policies that will guarantee its application and realise its transformational potential.

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