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ISGlobal Presents Proposal for Spanish Cooperation Beyond 2015 Advancing Ethical and Practical Reasons for Change

ISGlobal's Policy and Global Development department makes a series of proposals aimed at strengthening the role of Spanish cooperation


In a newly published document entitled "La Cooperación Española más allá de 2015: razones éticas y prácticas para el cambio" (Spanish cooperation beyond 2015: ethical and practical reasons for a change), ISGlobal's Policy and Global Development department has put together a series of proposals that will be sent to all the political parties in Spain who are currently preparing their electoral programmes for the general elections scheduled towards the end of this year.

The core message that underpins these proposals is the urgent need to reverse the serious decline since 2008 in funds allocated to Official Development Aid (ODA) by the Spanish government. Current forecasts suggest that Spain may soon experience an improvement in its economic situation, an upturn that will coincide with two important international events in the coming months: the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals in late October and the climate change summit in Paris in December.

In this context, and in view of the need for Spain to make  a commitment commensurate with its obligations within the international community and its presence on the United Nations Security Council for the 2015-2016 term, it has become a categorical and ethical imperative to reinstate development cooperation to its rightful place as a key component of the country's foreign policy. In this brief, ISGlobal proposes a number of measures aimed at strengthening the role of ODA over the next four years, paying particular attention to the needs and potential of cooperation in health matters. The aim of the measures proposed, which were drawn up in collaboration with other civil society organisations, is to achieve an increase in funds allocated to cooperation while, at the same time, suggesting innovations that would enhance the quality and effectiveness of interventions. 

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