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Interventions to promote mental and physical health in changing working environments due to climate change, sustainable work practices, and in green jobs

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01/01/2024 - 31/12/2028
Michelle Turner
Funded by
European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA) HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions

The overall objective of the INTERCAMBIO project is to promote mental and physical health of workers in changing work environments due to climate change, implementation of new working practices, and among workers in green jobs.

We will examine key research questions regarding mental and physical health of workers and conduct detailed evaluation of interventions in strategic industries in Europe relevant to green and digital transitions, including in outdoor construction, health care, public transit, renewable energy (wind turbine), and waste management/recycling using a variety of multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art research methods.

We will leverage large, geographically diverse longitudinal cohort consortia for new climate-related studies, promote a framework for social protection, and engage multi-level stakeholders.

Findings are expected to have major scientific and societal relevance and will provide support for new policy action in occupational health.

Total Funding

5,728,110.50 EUR

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