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Health Data in Migrant Population

Improving health data collection under the healthcare programme for migrant population in Nador, Morocco

Feb 2019 - Sept 2020
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Over the last years, Morocco is undergoing deep transformation because of the migratory flow, not only as a transit route to Europe but also as a destination country. Due to their geographic situation, Nador and Tanger concentrate a high number of migrants from different backgrounds. This requires a change in the care model provided for these people, particularly regarding health care.

Both the World Health Organisatoin (WHO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) consider migration as a major global health challenge. The Moroccan Ministry of Health has launched over the past years different initiatives aiming at ensuring migrants’ right to access health services. One of the major gaps identified is the lack of data and of a data collection system that will help migrant populations receive the health care they need.   


This project seeks to complement the work carried out by the IOM and ASTICUDE’s health care programme in the region of Nador through the improvement of data collection in two settings:

  1. in the three health care centers that attend the majority of migrants
  2. in the data collection system of the ASTICUDE / OIM programme that works together with the local health authorities in accompanying migrants


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