The Fifth Edition of the Master of Global Health ISGlobal-UB Kicks Off

For the first time, the courses will be in English and addressed to an increasingly international student body


This week, the Master of Global Health and the International Health Track of the Master of Clinical Research organized by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and the University of Barcelona, has kicked off with 26 students and with the novelty of offering all the courses in English. This is the fifth edition of a course that has grown exponentially in terms of number and geographical variety of enrolled students- this year they come from 11 different countries including Spain, Colombia, China, USA and Canada.

This diversity highlights the international nature of the training course and enriches it. Núria Casamitjana, Director of the Training Department in ISGlobal, is clear on this issue: “We have evolved towards an increasing diversity of students, in terms of geographical origin, context and background, and all this makes a big difference by allowing us to study health from very different perspectives, in a highly globalized world.”

Throughout the 2016-2017 course, the students of the Master of Global Health will “learn to see the world differently in order to transform it and take evidence-based decisions on research priorities and public policies” explains Joan Tallada, Senior Advisor in the Training Department. In addition, by the end of the one-year (60ECTS) course, they will have acquired capacities to analyse, formulate, evaluate and think critically “in order to define global health problems in all their complexity and propose reasonable solutions”.

On the first day in room 17 of the Faculty of Medicine, the students presented themselves to their other classmates. Tallada urged them to make the best out of the following 10 months, to maximize the investment in time, money and effort, to be proactive and to do it with passion.

At the end of the session, Núria Casamitjana reminded them that the Master gives them the opportunity to build a network that will be useful for the rest of their professional life. Indeed, ISGlobal’s teaching staff is linked to widely recognized academic institutions and organisms in the health field.

The International Health Track of the Master in Clinical Research is coordinated by ISGlobal and focuses on the main health challenges worldwide among the most vulnerable populations.

ISGlobal participates in the Public Health Master UPF-UAB

The 16th edition of the Public Health Master coordinated by UPF and UAB with the participation of ISGlobal researchers will also start this month. The two-year master (120 ECTS) is offered mainly in Spanish, with some courses in English. The 32 and 37 students from the first and second year respectively will learn to understand the health/disease processes and determinants from a population perspective, and to tackle the current health problems with collective interventions.