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Stella Evangelidou holds an International PhD in Transcultural Psychiatry (Autonomous University of Barcelona/Harvard University) with initial studies in Clinical/Health Psychology.

She is a global mental health specialist and expert in community mental health intervention development for adversity-impacted population groups, while addressing social determinants of mental health (e.g. gender-based violence, migration, poverty). 
She has long experience in European and international public health projects (AcToVax4NAM, MyHealth, EPICENTRE, WHOQOL) as senior researcher and she has worked for mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programs in humanitarian settings (Médecins Sans Frontières, ICRC) as mental health advisor and M&E manager. Her clinical work is focused on somatization and the application of arts-based psychotherapy. She is specialized in qualitative and arts-based research methods, as well as participatory research action initiatives and process evaluation methodologies. 

She coordinates the module of “Medical Anthropology” at the Master of International Health and Cooperation (UAB) and the module of “Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Development” at the Master of Global Health (ISGlobal/UB). 

Currently, she is the migrant mental health referent for the project “Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab”, scientific coordinator for the project “MENA Migrant Health”, principal investigator of projects targeting migrant women (“Self-Care among Women”, “Detection of Female Genital Mutilation at primary health care settings -ISMiHealth”) and consultant in community mental health for World Health Organization (WHO/PAHO). 

She is the migrant mental health focal point at the ISGlobal Migrant Health Research Group

Línies de recerca

  • Salud mental comunitaria
  • Apoyo por iguales
  • Trabajo humanitario
  • Violencia sexual
  • Somatización
  • Menores no acompañados
  • Determinantes sociales y medioambientales de salud mental

Publicacions principals

  • Serre-Delcor, N., Oliveira, I., Moreno, R., Treviño, B., Hajdók, E., Esteban, E., ... and Evangelidou, S. (2021). A Cross-Sectional Survey on Professionals to Assess Health Needs of Newly Arrived Migrants in Spain. Frontiers in public health, 994.
  • Evangelidou, S., & Martínez-Hernáez, A. (Eds.). (2020). RESET: Reflexiones antropológicas ante la pandemia de COVID-19 [Anthropological reflections [Anthropological reflections amid the COVID-19 pandemic] (Vol. 35). Publicacions Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
  • Evangelidou, S., NeMoyer, A., Cruz-Gonzalez, M., O'Malley, I., and Alegría, M. (2020). Racial/ethnic differences in general physical symptoms and medically unexplained physical symptoms: Investigating the role of education. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26(4), 557–569.
  • Evangelidou, S., Scholer-Ocak, M., Gionakis, N., Qureshi, A., Collazos, F. (2020) Mental health promotion strategies for migrants and refugees in Europe: Main outcomes, recommendations and lessons learnt from MyHealth European project. European Psychiatry 63; S653-S653.
  • Llosa, A. E., Martínez-Viciana, C., Carreño, C., Evangelidou, S., Casas, G., Marquer, C., ... and Grais, R. F. (2020). Development of a patient rated scale for mental health global state for use during humanitarian interventions. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, e1850.
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