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Clara Ballesté-Delpierre

Clara Ballesté-Delpierre

Associated Research Professor Resistènca antimicrobiana

Clara Ballesté is a Doctor in Biology from the University of Barcelona. She has a degree in Human Biology from the Pompeu Fabra University where she also completed a Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry.

Before starting the doctorate, she worked for two years as a researcher at the R&D centre of the pharmaceutical laboratories Ferrer Internacional, S.A. in new antibacterial discovery projects. Subsequently, and in this same context, she worked on the search for new antituberculosis drugs at the Biosafety 3 facilities of the Animal Health Research Centre (CreSA) in Bellaterra.

In 2011 she began as a PhD student at ISGlobal in the research group "Molecular basis of antibiotic resistance" led by Dr Jordi Vila. His research was focused on studying the relationship between resistance acquisition to the family of antibiotics called quinolones and their effect on virulence in Salmonella enterica.

She is currently Associated Research Professor at ISGlobal, where she leads and supervises research projects together with Dr. Vila. She is part of the CIBERINFEC group and since 2022 works at the Biomedical Diagnostic Center of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

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Resistència antimicrobiana

Publicacions principals

  • Rubio Garcia; Martín; Ferrando; Ballesté Delpierre; Miró; Paredes; Casals Pascual; Vila. In vitro antibacterial activity of antiretroviral drugs on key commensal bacteria from the human microbiota. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology. 13, pp. 1306430. 08/01/2024. PMID: 38259963
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  • Javier Moreno Morales; Salvador Guardiola; Clara Ballesté Delpierre; Ernest Giralt; Jordi Vila. A new synthetic protegrin as a promising peptide with antibacterial activity against MDR Gram-negative pathogens. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 77 - 11, pp. 3077 - 3085. Oxford Academic, 16/08/2022.
  • Clara Ballesté Delpierre; Angel Ramirez; Laura Muñoz; Ignasi Roca; Christopher Longshaw; Jordi Vila. Assessment of In Vitro Cefiderocol Susceptibility and Comparators against an Epidemiologically Diverse Collection of Acinetobacter baumannii Clinical Isolates. Antibiotics (Basel). 11 - 2, pp. 187. MDPI, 31/01/2022.
  • Naing; Van Wijk; Vila Estapé; Ballesté-Delpierre. Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance from the Perspective of Public Policy: A Multinational Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception Survey to Determine Global Awareness. Antibiotics. 4 - 10, MDPI, 12/2021.
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