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Elisa Gallo

Elisa Gallo

Investigadora postdoctoral

Elisa Gallo is a postdoctoral fellow working in the Horizon Europe project CATALYSE (Climate Action To Advance HeaLthY Societies in Europe) at ISGlobal. She mainly investigates the relationship between environmental factors and health outcomes. In particular, as part of the CATALYSE project, she collaborates in the creation of a health-based temperature Early Warning System.

She is also working in the EU-funded project EARLY-ADAPT (“Signs of Early Adaptation to Climate Change”), investigating the environmental, socioeconomic and demographic drivers of recent trends in human health.

She obtained a Ph.D. in Translational Specialistic Medicine “G.B. Morgagni” with a focus on Epidemiology and Statistical Medicine at the University of Padova, Italy. During her Ph.D. she investigated the effects of air and water pollution on vulnerable populations living in Italy.

Línies de recerca

  • Climate change
  • Environmental epidemiology
  • Public health

Publicacions principals

  • Gallo, E., Bressan, S., Geremia, S., Bottigliengo, D., Sentürk Acar, A., Zagolin, L., et al, Gregori, D. (2022). Increased risk of emergency department presentations for bronchiolitis in infants exposed to air pollution. Risk Analysis.
  • Bonato, M., Gallo, E., Bazzan, E., Marson, G., Zagolin, L., Cosio, M. G., et al, Baraldo, S. (2021). Air Pollution Relates to Airway Pathology in Wheezing Children. Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 
  • Bonato, M., Gallo, E., Turrin, M., Bazzan, E., Baraldi, F., Saetta, M., et al, Baraldo, S. (2021). Air pollution exposure impairs airway epithelium IFN-B expression in pre-school children. Frontiers in Immunology, 12, 731968. 
  • Gallo, E., Barbiellini Amidei, C., Barbieri, G., Fabricio, A. S. C., Gion, M., Pitter, G., et al, Canova, C. (2022). Perfluoroalkyl substances and thyroid stimulating hormone levels in a highly exposed population in the Veneto Region. Environmental Research, 203, 111794. 
  • Rosato, I., Zare Jeddi, M., Ledda, C., Gallo, E., Fletcher, T., Pitter, G., et al, Canova, C. (2021). How to investigate human health effects related to exposure to mixtures of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances: A systematic review of statistical methods. Environmental Research, 205, 112565. 
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