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Anna  Marín

Anna Marín

Project Manager Salut materna, infantil i reproductiva

Anna Marín holds a Master in Anthropology and Ethnography at the University of Barcelona. She obtained a Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from UB.
She also studied the Diploma in Primary Education Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a Scholarship Sciences de l'Education at Université du Lyon.
She trained as an IL3 Professor ELE, for the International House. He has also completed Gestalt Therapy Training. She trained as a facilitator of gender reflective groups at the Instituto Promundo and Instituto Noos at Rio de Janeiro.
She has experience in the field of education, anthropology with a gender perspective and addressing the overall health of the person through therapy.
Currently, she works as a Project Manager at ISGlobal and at the same time works at the Department of Education of the Generalitat.

Publicacions principals

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