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Augusto Anguita

Augusto Anguita

Investigador postdoctoral Planificació urbana, medi ambient i salut, Infància i medi ambient, Exposoma

Augusto Anguita-Ruiz is a biological data scientist specialised in the analysis of complex epidemiological datasets such as those composed of clinical, omics, biochemical, and environmental data. At ISGlobal he is an investigator of the EU-H2020 ATHLETE exposome project.
His main technical skills include a strong statistical, programming and data visualisation background, with special emphasis on the use of machine learning models.
He has also experience in personalised medicine with the development of e-health apps for clinicians and health professionals and a predictive genetic algorithm. He has published a total of 21 articles and has an H-index of 8 (Scopus).

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