Equip ISGlobal

 Licensed in Veterinary Medicine and doctorate in Veterinary Epidemiology. Currently, she is a postdoc researcher at ISGlobal (Barcelona Institute for Global Health). Her work is related to the study of circadian rhythm and evaluation of possible associations between light-at-night exposures and health impacts in human health.

 Lines of Research

  •  Circadian rhythm
  •  Cancer
  •  Light pollution
  •  Occupational Epidemiology

 Main Publications

  • Garcia-Saenz A, Sánchez de Miguel A, Espinosa A, Valentin A, Aragonés N, Llorca J, et al. 2018. Evaluating the Association between Artificial Light-at-Night Exposure and Breast and Prostate Cancer Risk in Spain (MCC-Spain Study). Environ Health Perspect. Apr 23;126(4):047011. doi: 10.1289/EHP1837.