Outreach Resources

Some people is playing with the Micro-Combat card game


BiblioLab Ciència - Ciutat Saludable

Below you can find some education resources from BiblioLab Ciència - Ciutat Saludable (BiblioLab Science - Healthy City). It is a citizen science and co-creation project aimed at introducing the concepts of urban planning and mobility, as well as their impact on health, both in different educational settings and autonomously.

Micro-Combat® (Escolab / SAFE)

It is a game of cards conceived and developed by ISGlobal’s Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative with the aim of teaching how microorganisms are transmitted, prevented and treated, as well as raising awareness on the causes and risk factors for antimicrobial resistance.

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Card Game: The Human Exposome

The objective of the first edition of Escolab was helping students to understand the concept of the exposome. This involves all the elements we are exposed to throughout our lives, whether external (such as pollution or climate), personal (such as diet) or internal (such as gut microbiota), as well as understanding how they impact our health. To address the topic in the classroom or other educational settings, here you will find an introductory presentation and a card game to work on the concepts in a group and playful way.

Book and Movie Recommendations

Find below a selection of books and films on some topics that are somehow related to our activity, for example air pollution or COVID-19.


User Guides

BiblioLab Smart Citizen Kit

User guide of the Smart Citizen Kit. This tool is part of a global citizen collaborative movement and includes a sensor for the environmental measurement —users will be able to measure the noise, the air quality, the humidity and some other environmental factors. All data is automatically sent to the Smart Citizen online platform so that users worldwide can check and compare all the assessments. The Smart Citizen Kit is used in the Bibliolab project and it is available at the Sagrada Familia library, in Barcelona.

>> Use guide BiblioLab Smart Citizen Kit (PDF, 40,5 MB, in Catalan)

SAFE - Superbug Awareness For Education

Informative and educational resources on antimicrobial resistance aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, and secondary and high school students. Some of the audiovisual resources are also aimed at the general public.

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