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Our Team


Staff list

  • Alex Almuedo Riera

    Alex Almuedo Riera

    Medical Research Fellow
  • Bàrbara Baro

    Bàrbara Baro

    Assistant Research Professor
  • Quique Bassat

    Quique Bassat

    Director General
  • Jordi Bosch

    Jordi Bosch

    Associated Researcher
  • Climent Casals-Pascual

    Climent Casals-Pascual

    Associate Research Professor
  • Silvia de Sanjosé

    Silvia de Sanjosé

    Associate Researcher
  • Elisabet Guiral

    Elisabet Guiral

    Project Assistant and Predoctoral Researcher
  • Andrea Herranz

    Andrea Herranz

    Research Technician
  • Mª Ángeles Marcos

    Mª Ángeles Marcos

    Associate Researcher
  • Miguel J. Martínez

    Miguel J. Martínez

    Associated Researcher
  • Carla Morales Ferré

    Carla Morales Ferré

    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Isabelle  Munyangaju

    Isabelle Munyangaju

    Predoctoral Researcher
  • Ignasi Roca

    Ignasi Roca

    Associated Researcher
  • Natalia Rosón

    Natalia Rosón

    Predoctoral researcher
  • Sara Soto González

    Sara Soto González

    Associate Research Professor and Head of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme at ISGlobal.
  • Antoni Trilla

    Antoni Trilla

    Research Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Medicina and Health Sciences, UB
  • Griselda Tudó

    Griselda Tudó

    Associated Researcher
  • Marlena van Selm

    Marlena van Selm

    Research Assistant
  • Rosauro Varo

    Rosauro Varo

    Postdoctoral Medical Research Fellow
  • Laia Vázquez

    Laia Vázquez

    Predoctoral Fellow
  • Marta Vidal

    Marta Vidal

    Laboratory Technician
  • Jordi Vila Estapé

    Jordi Vila Estapé

    Research Professor and Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative
  • Marcela Villota

    Marcela Villota

    Research Assistant
  • Asset Publisher