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Pablo Martínez

Zika Virus: One Year Later


This article has been published in Spanish in El País- Planeta Futuro by Pablo Martínez de Salazar, ISGlobal coordinator of the response to Zika virus and other arboviruses and Adelaida Sarukhan , PhD in immunology and scientific writer in ISGlobal February 1st, 2017, marks one year...

Ariadna Curto

How Do Barcelona Residents Get Around? The Results of the TAPAS Survey

Environmental Health

Article by  Tania Martínez , research technician, and Ariadna Curto , predoctoral researcher, both from ISGlobal  “ Hi, we’re looking for people to take part in a scientific study on how to improve transportation in Barcelona. Do you have a minute?” This was...

Raül Toran

An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology: the Case of Air Pollution


This article has been written by the researcher  David Rojas  and the science communicator  Raül Torán , both from ISGlobal, and it has been published at  Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera  in Catalan What is environmental epidemiology? Why is it so...

Marta Solano

These Were Our Most Popular Tweets in 2016


As we told you in one of our most recent posts, 2016 was an eventful year in global health . And it was also an eventful one for ISGlobal. With the incorporation of CREAL, we embarked on a new phase, broadening the scope of our work from infectious diseases to include chronic noncommunicable...

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