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Towards Clean Air in the EU: the Need for a Bold Step Forward

Series | Policy Briefs #53


[This document is a one of a series of discussion notes addressing fundamental questions about the global health. Its purpose is to transfer scientific knowledge to the public conversation and decision-making process. The papers are based on the best information available and may be updated as new information comes to light.]


The Ambient Air Quality Directives are the most important public health opportunity for the European Union in the decades to follow. The scale of the problem and the extensively documented health impacts of air pollution demand bold and comprehensive action from EU leaders and policy makers.

Full alignment of European directives with the latest WHO guidelines is a necessary step, as is tackling the various sources of pollution in a combined approach involving other sectors such as industry and agriculture.

There are many alternatives and solutions and they need to be adapted and implemented in every country’s national air quality plans.

ISGlobal's new policy brief, written by Claudia García-Vaz and Amaya Bernal, provides a series of policy recommendations based on current scientific knowledge.