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TRANSPHORM-Transport related air pollution and health impacts integrated methologies for assessing particulate matter

University of Hertfordshire, UK
Funded by
European Comission
TRANSPHORM brings together the leading researchers and users of health and air quality to improve knowledge on particulate matter (PM) due to atmospheric transport and its impact on human health, as well as developing and applying tools of evaluation of both city and European level. For four years, TRANSPHORM attempt to develop and implement an integrated methodology for assessing the impacts of air pollution on the health of the PM at all levels, from emissions to the burden of disease. Its objectives are:

Improve our knowledge about the transport of air pollution PM spicy and of a certain size that includes both the PM is not derived from combustion, such as shipping from the air and rail.

Improving emission factors for a number of ultrafine particles (PN0 1) and mass fractions of pm1, PM2, 5 and PM10 for the main means of transport.

perform certain measurements in Rotterdam, Helsinki and Thessaloniki for the distribution of resources, exposure assessment and evaluation model.

to quantify exposure to atmospheric PM in urban environments due to traffic on the roads, ships, trains and planes.

improve and integrate the models of dispersion and exposure of the air quality in both urban and regional levels, including long-distance transport.

develop a new concentration-response relationship (CRF) that relates environmental residential exposure to long and short term PM spicy and of a certain size with key criteria for evaluating health.

 Develop and implement an integrated assessment tool for investigating and analyzing the entire process chain in certain cities and Europe.

Incorporate microambiental concentrations of PM, time-activity patterns and internal dose calculations in assessing the impact on health.

Carry out comprehensive health assessments to some selected European cities.

Our Team

Principal Investigator (PI)

Our Team

  • Manolis Kogevinas
    Manolis Kogevinas Scientific Director of the Severo Ochoa distinction
  • Mark Nieuwenjuijsen
    Mark Nieuwenjuijsen

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