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The European Global Health Research Institutes Network Meets in Barcelona

EGHRIN is aimed at creating synergies for translation and advocacy in global health


The European Global Health Research Institutes Network (EGHRIN) celebrated its yearly business meeting in Barcelona last February 27, hosted by ISGlobal and the University of Barcelona (UB). The meeting was opened by Prof. Domènech Espriu, Vice-Rector for Research of the UB, who outlined the excellence and strategic importance of health and biomedical sciences at the UB, and the key contribution to ISGlobal as a university research institute.

EGHRIN unites a growing number of leading global health research institutions throughout Europe, joining forces to have a unified voice to enhance awareness of global health aims and themes, to create excellence in global health research, to achieve impact on the EU’s Global Health research agenda and to translate key research findings into policy, implementation and practice.

The participants at the meeting came from research centers in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Italy and the United Kingdom, along with ISGlobal.

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