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Joan Bigorra: Innovation to Move Our Projects Forward

Innovation means turning knowledge into prosperity. Joan Bigorra, Deputy Director of Strategy and Innovation, introduces his department and the strategies they use to achieve this.

Video Transcription:

Innovation is, in fact, to translate knowledge into prosperity. And prosperity, in very wide terms, can be health, social economical impact, employment, quality of life... This is our mission and the Innovation Department works in a very close cooperation with the researchers to move the research projects forward whenever they have an economic, health or socioeconomic potential to have a positive impact on society.

How do we do it? We assess all the projects and those that have a better potential go into our open innovation flow to protect the intellectual property- only if needed- and to get ready to find cooperation with academy, technological centres, accelerators and the industrial sector to move the project forward.

We foster public and patient engagement through co creation approaches, learning through measurement of patient experience and the RRI - Responsible Research and Innovation - pillars.

It is not a departmental approach, it is a facility to make this happen, to the extent possible.