New Momentum in the Strategic Partnership with CISM in Mozambique


More than 60 researchers and technical staff from the Centro de Investigaçao em Saúde de Manhiça (CISM), ISGlobal, and its research centre CRESIB, met in Mozambique on 27 and 28 March to take stock of their strategic partnership and to discuss new scientific challenges. The meeting was also a opportunity to update and fine-tune the priorities of their joint scientific agenda and to identify future priority actions.

The stable partnership between CISM, ISGlobal and CRESIB is the result of a nearly 20-year process dedicated to implanting a shared model of research and development based on the principles of collaboration, scientific excellence, multidisciplinary teamwork, innovation, knowledge transfer, capacity building, and impact on health and equity. This model has made possible highly significant advances and achievements in various areas of investigation, consolidating CISM as a centre of excellence and a reference in health research in Africa. It has also facilitated the promotion and development of exemplary lines of research in ISGlobal and CRESIB based on studies carried out in Mozambique and other developing countries.

The meeting was attended by Dr Eusebio Macete (Director of CISM) and Dr Pedro Alonso (Director of ISGlobal). Contributions from all the participants in the plenary and working group sessions highlighted the valuable progress achieved to date by the partnership. Speakers also discussed future lines of action, identifying priorities for scientific and technical support and the opportunities that should be the focus of further collaboration. This strategic meeting has laid the groundwork for an action plan to further boost the scientific momentum of this stable collaboration while increasing its impact and visibility.