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“What is going on in the world?” Disinformation vs Common Interest

Agenda 2030 in the Context of the Contemporary Public Debate

Photo: CIDOB
18.30 h.
(Elisabets, 12) Barcelona
Anna Ayuso (CIDOB), Nora Kronig-Romero (FOPH) & Gonzalo Fanjul (ISGlobal)

As public and policy communicators, most of us struggle on daily basis with the difficulties of promoting an informed public debate on sustainable development and other relevant public-interest issues. Disinformation, fake news or simple accumulation of messages makes it difficult to foster public conversations on issues that require our urgent attention. Using global health, climate and migration and examples, this session will address this challenge and the potential solutions to overcome it. 



  • Health - H.E. Nora Kronig-Romero, Ambassador, Vice-Director and Head of the Division of International Affairs, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
  • Migration - Gonzalo Fanjul, Director of Research, porCausa / Director of Policy, ISGlobal
  • Environment - Anna Ayuso, Senior Research Fellow, CIDOB

Moderated by Pol Morillas, Director of CIDOB.


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CIDOB, ISGlobal & Graduate Institute Geneva - Global Health Centre