CAVA (Validating the CAVA smartphone sensor in two epidemiological investigations)

University of California
This project intends to validate a novel cell-phone body sensor, known as “Cava.” The Cava sensor runs on a Google Android 2.2 operating system and as currently configured can collect data on physical activity with accelerometry, geographic location though a global positioning system (GPS), air pollution likely to arise from automobile traffic, and interactive text messages capable of eliciting ecological momentary assessment (EMA). The combination of physical activity, global position and air pollution measurement offers a powerful tool for enhancing exposure assessment in large epidemiological studies investigating the impact of the built environment on physical activity and obesity risk, the effect of air pollution on health or the combined effect of modified inhalation through exercise affecting the internal dose of air pollution.

For our research, we will validate the instrument through two ongoing epidemiological investigations: (1) in Southern California (Healthy Places RO1 funded by the National Cancer Institute), examining the impact of the built environment on physical activity and obesity in a Smart Growth community and five adjacent communities and (2) in the Transportation, Air Pollution and physical ActivitieS (TAPAS) project situated in Barcelona, Spain, focused on air pollution exposures and active commuting.


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  • Mark Nieuwenjuijsen
    Mark Nieuwenjuijsen

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