Planificación urbana, medio ambiente y salud

Pan-European Urban Climate Service (PUCS)

01/06/2017 - 30/11/2019
Filip Lefebre (VITO)
Horizon 2020. European Commission

PUCS is a H2020 innovation project that will take the best available urban climate data and convert it into information that is relevant for public and private end-users operating in cities for a range of different sectors. This will improve decision-making in regard to sector policies and urban planning, and will help end-users to better address the consequences of climate change at the local scale.

ISGlobal will closely collaborate with end-users to generate a prototype of forecast scheme of temperature-related mortality for a very large ensemble of cities in Europe based on the climate forecasting tools developed by other partners. The final aim is to demonstrate, replicate, and further upscale a modular and sustainable pan-European urban climate service to propose relevant solutions to end-users.

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