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Staff list

  • Alex Almuedo Riera

    Alex Almuedo Riera

    Medical Research Fellow
  • Julio Alonso Padilla

    Julio Alonso Padilla

    Assistant Research Professor and Director of the Chagas Initiative
  • Cristina Alonso-Vega

    Cristina Alonso-Vega

    Clinical Trial Monitor
  • Alba Maria Antequera

    Alba Maria Antequera

    Associated Researcher
  • Sofía Ardiles

    Sofía Ardiles

    Research Assistant
  • Cristina Ballart

    Cristina Ballart

    Associated Researcher
  • Leonardo de la Torre

    Leonardo de la Torre

    Research Assistant
  • Laura Ferradino

    Laura Ferradino

    Research Assistant
  • Pedro Fleitas

    Pedro Fleitas

    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Juan Carlos Gabaldón

    Juan Carlos Gabaldón

    Predoctoral Researcher
  • Montserrat Gállego

    Montserrat Gállego

    Associated Researcher
  • Quim Gascon

    Quim Gascon

    Research Professor, Head of the Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Diseases programme, and Director of the Chagas Initiative
  • Iris Lopes

    Iris Lopes

    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Irene Losada

    Irene Losada

    Medical Research Fellow & Chagas Initiative Coordinator
  • Nieves Martínez

    Nieves Martínez

    técnica de laboratorio
  • Jose Muñoz

    Jose Muñoz

    Associate Research Professor
  • Ana Requena

    Ana Requena

    Assistant Research Professor
  • Silvia RodrÍguez

    Silvia RodrÍguez

    Research Technician
  • Carme Subirà

    Carme Subirà

    Research Technician
  • Asset Publisher