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Aina Nicolàs

Aina Nicolàs

Research Assistant

Aina Nicolàs is a research assistant in the Health Systems and Infectious Diseases team. She is involved in multiple projects, including projects on HIV and viral hepatitis in migrant populations.

As part of her Masters degree at University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom) in Global Health and Management, Aina developed a study on the effectiveness of community health workers in Rwanda and Ethiopia. After finishing her Masters degree, Aina worked as an intellectual property consultant for biotech and pharmaceutical companies before joining ISGlobal in 2023.

As a Research Assistant, she is currently involved in the VH-COMSAVAC project, which focuses on community screening, vaccination, and care for viral hepatitis.

She co-authored a blog post for ISGlobal titled 'Hepatitis B Immunization: A Strategy for Liver Cancer Prevention in Underserved Migrant Populations' on the occasion of World Immunization Week 2023.

Lines of research

  • Health Systems and Policy
  • Community health
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Migrant health
  • Intellectual Property
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