Our Team

Staff list

  • Marta Ares
    Marta Ares Global Development and Policy Support Coordinator
  • Sara Arias Lázaro
    Sara Arias Lázaro Country Coordinator (Morocco)
  • Aleix Cabrera
    Aleix Cabrera Communication Officer
  • Gonzalo Fanjul
    Gonzalo Fanjul Policy Director
  • Beatriz Fiestas
    Beatriz Fiestas Communications Coordinator. Campus Clínic
  • Clara Marín
    Clara Marín Policy Coordinator
  • Lucia Massini
    Lucia Massini Global Development Coordinator
  • Yvette Moya-Angeler
    Yvette Moya-Angeler Communications Officer
  • Leire Pajín
    Leire Pajín Global Development Director
  • Èlia Pons
    Èlia Pons Communications Officer
  • Oriana Ramírez
    Oriana Ramírez Associated Research Professor
  • Alberto Rocamora
    Alberto Rocamora Advocacy Advisor
  • Virginia Rodríguez
    Virginia Rodríguez Advocacy Project Manager
  • Murchana Roychoudhury
    Murchana Roychoudhury Communications Officer
  • Pau Rubio
    Pau Rubio Communications Coordinator. Campus Mar
    CELIA SANTOS Outreach Technician
  • Adelaida Sarukhan
    Adelaida Sarukhan Scientific writer
  • Yolanda Surriel
    Yolanda Surriel Personal Assistant to Rafael Vilasanjuan
  • Marina Tarrús
    Marina Tarrús Outreach Technician
  • Raül Torán
    Raül Torán Outreach Manager
  • Rafael Vilasanjuan
    Rafael Vilasanjuan Director of Policy and Global Development