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Our Team


Staff list

  • Carole Amroune

    Carole Amroune

    Project Manager
  • Fernando Andrés

    Fernando Andrés

    General Services Officer
  • Augusto Anguita

    Augusto Anguita

    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Alba Maria Antequera

    Alba Maria Antequera

    Associated Researcher
  • Josep Maria Antó

    Josep Maria Antó

    Research Professor
  • Pablo Arboledas

    Pablo Arboledas

    IT Technician
  • Sofía Ardiles

    Sofía Ardiles

    Research Assistant
  • Sara Arenas

    Sara Arenas

  • Marta Ares

    Marta Ares

    Global Development and Policy Support Coordinator
  • Laura Argenter

    Laura Argenter

    Project Manager
  • Sara Arias Lázaro

    Sara Arias Lázaro

    Country Coordinator (Morocco)
  • Lourdes Arjona

    Lourdes Arjona

    Lab Manager and Research Technician
  • Claudia Armengol
  • Natàlia Arnalda

    Natàlia Arnalda

    Laboratory Technician
  • Alberto Ayllon

    Alberto Ayllon

    Laboratory Technician
  • Youssouf Bachir

    Youssouf Bachir

    Field Technician
  • Laura Balagué

    Laura Balagué

    Predoctoral Researcher
  • Nuria Balanza

    Nuria Balanza

    Field Technician
  • Leire Balerdi

    Leire Balerdi

    Medical Research Fellow
  • Cristina Ballart

    Cristina Ballart

    Associated Researcher
  • Victoria Ballen

    Victoria Ballen

    Predoctoral Researcher
  • Clara Ballesté

    Clara Ballesté

    Associated Research Professor and Coordinator of the Antibiotic Resistance Inititative
  • Joan Ballester

    Joan Ballester

    Associate Research Professor
  • Marc Bañuls

    Marc Bañuls

    Data Manager
  • Asset Publisher