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Leonardo de la Torre

Leonardo de la Torre

Research Assistant Chagas

With degrees in Sociology and Social Communication Sciences, Leonardo has specialized in migration, return, circular migration and development. He has been awarded with the National and the Latin American Social Communication Research Prizes at licentiate degree level (ABOICS, FELAFACS) and with the National Journalism Prize for Human Development (UNDP, National Association of Journalists-Bolivia).

Leonardo has worked as a Consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Plurinational State of Bolivia). He has participated in the collective debate and construction of a New Migration Law and new migration policies and worked as lecturer in human mobility subjects for the Bolivian consular personnel around the world. Currently, Leonardo is writing a novel.

Lines of Research

Main Publications

  • Book: La cheqanchada: Development roads and paths in the migrant municipios of Arbieto and Toco (PIEB, CESU y DICYT –UMSS, 2007) - co-authored with Yolanda Alfaro Aramayo.
  • Book: No llores, prenda, pronto volveré: Migration, social mobility, family wound and development (PIEB, IFEA, UCB, 2006).
  • Documentary film: One more day: How much would you wait before coming back?. Co-directed With Sergio Estrada. Co-Produced by Donald Ranvaud.
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