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Arianna Bruguera

Arianna Bruguera

Research Technician Climate & Health

Arianna did her MSc on Biomedical Research at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a BSc on Environmental Science with a major in Environmental Biotechnology at Universitat de Barcelona. She had the opportunity of taking a BSc (honours) on Chemical instrumentation and analytical methods at Limerick Institute of Technology while doing and anual Erasmus in Ireland. Her professional background is on Compex Systems (IBE-CSIC) wetlab molecular biology protocols such are: E. coli cloning protocols, DNA extraction protocols, PCR and electrophoresis gel visualization among others. Also she has expertise on complex environmental samples such are dust, soil, air and leaves in relation to microbioma obtention.

She joined ISGlobal in 2024 as a Research Technician at AIRLAB in Climate and Health Group.

Lines of research

  •  Climate & health
  •  Extremes in climate and their effects on health
  •  Climate-driven infectious diseases
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