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How to Find a Job in Global Health?


The job question has been coming up every once in a while this year. Over the past months it has become one of the main questions we -that is, the students of the 2013-2014 class of ISGlobal’s Master of Global Health and Master of Clinical Research- ask ourselves. In times of economic crisis, Global Health and International development are not the easiest fields to start a career in. However, facing difficulties also forces yourself to become more creative and innovative. That was how, thinking there might be more young global health professionals in a similar situation as we are, we decided to set up a network of students and alumni of Global Health Masters worldwide. What a better way to start a career in Global Health than connecting with other peers working on the same issue, globally?

The Global Health Next Generation Network (Global Health NGN) was founded last February to improve contacts between Global Health students and young professionals, to exchange practical and academic knowledge about Global Health issues, to set up new collaborations and initiatives among members and to evaluate education programs on Global Health. The kick-off meeting will take place on 26 and 27 June 2014 in Barcelona. Students and alumni of Global Health masters worldwide, as well as young professionals already working in global health are invited to share their experience and knowledge and to build up a network of international people sharing the same background and interests. Group discussions, workshops, debates and a ‘speed dating with professionals session’ will all be part of this first Global Health NGN conference.

We believe that it is time for the new generation to stand up, to connect and to innovate the world of Global Health, worldwide. The Global Health Next Generation Network is ready to do so!

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