Silvia Gold

Silvia Gold

Member of ISGlbal's International Global Health Partnership Board

Silvia Gold is president of the “Mundo Sano” Foundation, an organization that promotes access to health of people exposed to neglected diseases. The foundation develops replicable, scalable and transferable management models through public-private partnerships and multidisciplinary scientific research. With 21 years of experience in Latin America, its programs have been expanded in Spain and more recently in Ethiopia.

Together with her husband, Dr. Hugo Sigman, she founded the Chemo Group—leader in research, development and innovation of active ingredients and medicines— in Spain; and the Insud Group in Argentina, which gathers companies in the life sciences, agroforestry, cultural industry, and environmental preservation and design.

Gold holds a PhD in Biochemistry and directs the Consortium for Research, Development and Innovation for the development of innovative cancer therapies.

She is a member of the Advisory Council of Foundations and Companies Group of Argentina, the Economic and Social Council of the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, as well as member of the Social Sector Forum of Argentina and of the Board of the Foundation Reina Sofía Museum in Spain.

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