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Antimicrobial Resistance


Optimisation of treatment with off-patent antimicrobial agents of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)


MagicBullet is an ambitious research project that pursuits finding the antimicrobial treatment for one of the most serious and common illness suffered by the patients admitted in the intensive care units, that suffer ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and that has gotten worse due to the increase in multiresistant bacteria.

The main objective of the MagicBullet Project is to optimized the empirical treatment of VAP caused by MDR-GNB, by define a standard drug for the empiric treatment and by decrease the time necessary to determine the etiology and susceptibility of the pathogens. For all of this, MagicBullet suggests a randomized clinical trial in phase IV, open, multicentric to compare the security and efficacy of intravenously (iv.) colistin with meropenem iv. in the empiric treatment of pneumonia associated to mechanical ventilation. In parallel with the clinical trial, the experts will study the pharmacokinetic of the drug, the dosage, the impact in the interstitial flora, the possible resistance appearance. Finally, we hope to improve the diagnosis time for pneumonia and the determination of the pathogens that causes it, to avoid delays in the establishment of an appropriate antimicrobial treatment. In the actuality, the microbiology diagnosis for this infection takes 72h; with this project our objective is to reduce it to the first 6 hours. 


This European project will be carry out by more than 60 researchers from 35 different institutions in Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany and France. Mostly, they are public institutions and 2 biotechnological industries. It is a multidisciplinary team composed by specialist in intensive care, infectious diseases, microbiologist, pharmacologist, and basic researchers.