Policy & Global Development

Health Inequities

Photo: Susana Oñoro

16,000 children die every day before reaching their 5th birthday; most of these deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and are preventable. Children born in Sierra Leone will live in average 34 years less than those born in Japan.

Within a same country, a child born in a poor household is at twice the risk of dying than if born in a rich family. And within a same city such as Glasgow, there is a 15 year-difference in life expectancy depending on the neighborhood you live in.

These are only some examples of the huge health inequities that persist – and even worsen – across the planet.

Our aim is  to bring real benefits to the population through new development projects and models of action. With long-term strategic partnerships in Bolivia, Morocco and Mozambique, we are involved in collaborations that are using scientific evidence to transform the reality of the most vulnerable populations and reduce health inequities.

Highlighted Projects

Protecting children in Mauritania

Protecting children in Mauritania through the establishment of community protection systems in Teyarett, Tevragh-Zeina and Ksar, and Nouakchott