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Decade of Vaccines Collaboration

The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration project was started in January 2010 to meet the clear need for a concerted effort to maintain and improve on the global achievements of recent years in the area of immunisation and vaccines. 

This ambitious initiative is supported by key actors in the world of global health, including the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its objective is to develop an action plan for achieving vital goals in the research, development and delivery of vaccines, especially those targeting the world's most needy populations.

The work of the Collaboration is carried out by four working groups (research and development, delivery, global access, and public and political support) and a steering committee responsible for guiding the overall process. The action plan will be developed on the basis of a robust consultation process at global level that will gather evidence and information from key stakeholders in the area of immunisation and vaccines:

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