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CRESIB Researcher Selected as one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 2012"

Dr. Quique Bassat was selected for his work in the field of medical innovation


Quique Bassat, a researcher at CRESIB, the research center attached to the Barcelona Institute of Global Health, ISGlobal, has been named one of the ten outstanding young persons of the world in 2012 by Junior Chamber International (JCI). JCI, a worldwide organisation founded in 1944 that works in partnership with the United Nations, selected Dr. Bassat in the category of medical innovation for his "extraordinary work in pediatrics and medical research in developing countries." The award ceremony will take place at the JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan on November 20.

 "JCI's acknowledgement of work in the area of neglected diseases and malaria in particular is very important as it will be a boost to medical research in those countries where it is most needed," declared Quique Bassat on learning of the news. "What's more, the award brings recognition to research as the driving force behind innovation and development in poor countries."

A graduate of the University of Barcelona, in which he lectures at the present, Quique Bassat is a paediatrician specialised in tropical medicine and epidemiology. He has extensive experience in the conduct of clinical trials in developing countries, including the trials of the first candidate malaria vaccine, RTS,S. He is currently working as a researcher at CRESIB, where he coordinates the implementation of numerous malaria projects in countries such as Mozambique, Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea.