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Air Quality: Why Are European Policies for Climate and Health in a Turning Point?

Series | Policy Briefs #40


[This document is a one of a series of discussion notes addressing fundamental questions about the global health. Its purpose is to transfer scientific knowledge to the public conversation and decision-making process. The papers are based on the best information available and may be updated as new information comes to light.]


On the occasion of the UN’s COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, this document written by Alberto Rocamora García, Oriana Ramírez Rubio, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Carolyn Daher and Cathryn Tonne (ISGlobal), summarizes the regulatory framework of the European Union (EU) on air pollution. Where is it and where is it going?

In 2022 the EU has to review the Ambient Air Quality Directive. This is a critical opportunity to integrate the new guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has updated the maximum recommended exposure levels for 6 pollutants.

ISGlobal participated in the revision of these guidelines and contributed to the debate on air quality through the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative.