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Ashby Sachs

Ashby Sachs

Project Manager Infancia y medio ambiente, Planificación urbana, medio ambiente y salud, Enfermedades no transmisibles y medio ambiente

Ashby Lavelle Sachs is the Project Manager of RECETAS (Re-imagining Environments for Connection and Engagement: Testing Actions for Social Prescribing in Natural Spaces) Project at the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal). RECETAS uses social network analysis, RCTs, and other epidemiologic, anthropological, and health economic methods to test socially- and culturally innovative nature-based social prescribing in six cities in Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

She is also a PhD Candidate in the Environmental Studies Programme at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying loneliness, social connectedness, and prescribing time in nature with Dr. Jill Litt. She received the Environmental Studies Graduate Student Research Award for the department in 2021.

In the decade prior to coming to Colorado, Ashby Lavelle Sachs completed her BA in French Language, and minor in Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia and an MS fellowship in Public Horticulture with Longwood Gardens and the University of Delaware. Additionally, she worked in botanic gardens such as Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, Tresco Abbey Gardens in Cornwall, UK, as well as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Golden Parks and Recreation in Golden, Colorado as a horticulturist, educator, administrator, fundraiser, and researcher.

Líneas de investigación

  • Environmental health
  • Community-engaged scholarship
  • Urban planning
  • Adolescent health and environment
  • Public horticulture

Principales publicaciones

  • Leavell, M, Leiferman, J, Gascon, M., Braddick, F., Gonzalez, JC., Litt, JS.,(2019). Nature-Based Social Prescribing in Urban Settings to Improve Social Connectedness and Mental Wellbeing: A Review, Current Environmental Health Reports, 6(4). 297-308. [Ashby's maiden name: Mary Leavell]
  • Tharrey, M., Sachs, A., Perignon, M., Simon, C., Mejean, C., Litt, J., & Darmon, N. (2020). Improving lifestyles sustainability through community gardening: results and lessons learnt from the JArDinS quasi-experimental study. BMC public health, 20(1), 1-13