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Georgia Dyer

Georgia Dyer

Investigadora predoctoral Contaminación atmosférica, Planificación urbana, medio ambiente y salud, Clima y salud

Prior to joining ISGlobal, Georgia was a Population Health Management analyst, where she co-established a preventative and proactive healthcare strategy in Essex, United Kingdom; developing a health and care data model that covers 1.2 million residents. Prior to this Georgia has worked for Public Health Scotland, the Swedish Red Cross and worked as a Research Assistant in neuroanatomy, marine conservation and cardiovascular research.

Georgia holds a BSc in Physiology from the University of Glasgow and a MSc in Public Health from Lund University. At ISGlobal, Georgia will complete her pre-doctorate studies working on the Urban Burden of Disease Estimation for Policy Making (UBD Policy) Project in the field of urban environmental health within Dr. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen's team.

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