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Álvaro Falcón Gracia

Álvaro Falcón Gracia

Laboratory Technician

Alvaro holds a degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, both from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He did a four-month internship in Leukemia stem cells research group, at Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute. Supervised by Ruth Muñoz, he was focused on cloning the Flamindo 2 sensor. His master’s thesis was completed in Cancer and aging research group, at IDIBELL, under the supervision of Dra. Purificación Muñoz. The aim of his master’s thesis was to study the molecular mechanisms that downregulate MHC-I in advanced skin squamous cell carcinoma cells.

Since then, he has been working as a laboratory technician at BiSC project, which is a study focused on understanding how the pollutants of Barcelona affects the development of the baby during pregnancy. His role in BiSC team is managing, organizing and processing the biological samples of the project. 

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