Research - Our Team

Staff list

  • Celine Aerts
    Celine Aerts Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Teresa Aguado
    Teresa Aguado Senior Advisor
  • Sofía Aguilar
    Sofía Aguilar Predoctoral researcher
  • Ruth Aguilar
    Ruth Aguilar Staff Scientist
  • Sara Ajanovic
    Sara Ajanovic Medical Research Fellow
  • Miguel Angel Alba
    Miguel Angel Alba Research Technician
  • Alexandre Albert
    Alexandre Albert Database Manager
  • Ana Alfaro
    Ana Alfaro Research Technician
  • Koya Allen
    Koya Allen Coordinator. MESA Scientific Officer
  • Alex Almuedo Riera
    Alex Almuedo Riera Medical Research Fellow
  • Selena Alonso
    Selena Alonso Predoctoral Fellow
  • Julio Alonso
    Julio Alonso Assistant Research Professor
  • Cristina Alonso-Vega
    Cristina Alonso-Vega Clinical Trial Monitor
  • Miriam Jose Álvarez
    Miriam Jose Álvarez Associated Researcher
  • Mar Álvarez
    Mar Álvarez Project Manager
  • Albert Ambròs
    Albert Ambròs Technician GIS
  • Josep Mª Antó
    Josep Mª Antó Research Professor
  • Iris Aparici
    Iris Aparici Predoctoral fellow
  • Lourdes Arjona
    Lourdes Arjona Research Technician
  • Alberto Ayllon
    Alberto Ayllon Laboratory Technician
  • Laura Balagué
    Laura Balagué Predoctoral fellow
  • Clara Ballesté
    Clara Ballesté Associated Research Professor and Coordinator of the Antibiotic Resistance Inititative
  • Joan Ballester
    Joan Ballester Associate Research Professor
  • Marc Bañuls
    Marc Bañuls Data Manager