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Irene Jimeno

Irene Jimeno

Predoctoral Researcher Chagas

Irene Jimeno is a biologist, MSc. Clinical Research - International Health. She conducts her doctoral research in the Medicine and Translational Research Programme of the University of Barcelona. She is dedicated to the search for solutions to Chagas disease that correspond to the needs and priorities of civil society and collaborates by organizing scientific workshops using a participatory research methodology.

The Science Shops allow multidisciplinary research that brings together social and biomedical sciences for the study of international health issues. With the team of Dr. Maria-Jesús Pinazo at ISGlobal-Spain, and the team of Dr. Faustino Torrico at the CEADES-Bolivia Foundation, it participates in multidisciplinary bottom-up research in both countries in the framework of the InSPIRES project (EU- H2020, Swafs Program, GA No 741677). The research focuses on the social determinants of access to health care in Chagas disease and on forms of translational action, in collaboration with civil society organizations.

At the local level, she participates as a technical officer in the field of Chagas disease in the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab initiative, a project supported by the Barcelona City Council within the Plan Ciencia programme and financed by the "la Caixa" Foundation.

Lines of research

  • Chagas disease
  • Social determinants and health inequalities
  • Participatory research