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Anthony Armenta Jr

Anthony Armenta Jr

Health Communications Officer

Anthony Armenta is a versatile health communications professional adept at driving visibility and disseminating research findings in the realm of public health, with a specialised focus on liver diseases and health systems. Within the ISGlobal Health System Research Group, he spearheads communications and dissemination efforts, collaborating closely with the researchers to raise awareness of their work on conditions such as MASLD, MASH, and viral hepatitis B and C. His role also involves leading and coordinating communications work packages within EU-funded projects, establishing branding guidelines and website design layout, drafting press releases and social media copy, and preparing quarterly reports.

Examples of past work include:

In past endeavours, Anthony had contributed to the Health System Research Group by playing a pivotal role in the global launch of the Nature publication, "A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat". An example of media and communications work available here.

Moreover, Anthony’s expertise extends to editing medical publications and presentations for high-impact international journals and congresses, as well as collaborating with medical specialists on research projects to ensure clear and concise communication of data and conclusions. He has worked with esteemed institutions such as Hospital Clínic, Hospital Bellvitge, Hospital del Mar, and Hospital Vall d'Hebron. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Anthony Armenta consistently delivers impactful communications solutions tailoured to diverse audiences and settings.

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