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Laia Díez, a Bioinformatics technician at ISGlobal, brings a diverse academic and professional background to her role. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a focus on molecular, cellular, and systems biology from the University of Barcelona. Following this, she pursued a Master's degree in Omics Data Analysis at the University of Vic. Laia has engaged in various research projects at esteemed institutions in Barcelona, including IR Sant Pau, ISGlobal, BST (Banc de Sang i Teixits), and Hospital del Mar, where she explored topics such as DNA methylation and viral genomic diversity.

Currently, Laia contributes to Natalia Rakislova's research group at ISGlobal, focusing on understanding vulvar cancer. Her responsibilities encompass data analysis, algorithm development, and programming tasks, aiming to unravel insights at the intersection of genetics, environment, and health. Laia's interdisciplinary background and bioinformatics expertise position her well to contribute meaningfully to advancing knowledge in public health, particularly in elucidating factors influencing vulvar cancer development and progression at ISGlobal.

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