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Svea Busse

Svea Busse

Field Technician Air Pollution, Climate & Health

Svea Busse holds a Master degree in Sustainability, Society and the Environment and a Bachelor degree in Geography, both completed at Kiel University. Throughout her studies she focused on urban green planning, environmental justice topics and human relationships to nature.

At the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (ICTA-UAB) she was previously involved in the INTERLACE project, where she conducted a vulnerability mapping to identify priority areas for the implementation of nature-based solutions. As a research technician she further supported the NICHES project, which researches transitions of urban storm-water management.

Starting in fall 2023, Svea is now working as a field technician on a systematic literature review of nature-based therapies as part of the RESONATE project.

Lines of research

  • Spatial vulnerability assessments
  • Urban political ecology 
  • Environmental justice
  • Green care

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