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Valérie Weerts

Valérie Weerts

Manager for the Grants Department

Valérie Weerts holds a Postgraduate degree in international cooperation and cultural management (Universitat de Barcelona, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences) and a Master degree in management and organizations (Université Paris IX DAUPHINE).

She has significant expertise in project and organization management in the field of international cooperation, with a focus on financial and administrative aspects. Her high competence in all the duties related to grants management during the different phases of the projects (pre-award, implementation, reporting & audit, ex-post evaluations) allowed her to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of various institutional donors' rules and procedures. She has been working in collaboration with partners of different sizes, typologies and from various continents.

She is currently working at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) as Manager for the Grants department, coordinating financial and administrative aspects of the projects. 

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