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Silvia Gómez

Silvia Gómez

Project Manager and Researcher Air Pollution

Silvia Gómez Araujo holds a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Barcelona and a Master's in Clinical Research and International Health from the University of Barcelona and ISGlobal.

She is currently working as a Project Manager and Researcher on the UBD Policy Project, which aims to evaluate the health burden and its determinants related to current and future potential urban and transport planning practices and related exposures and to make this evidence available for policy and decision making for healthy and sustainable futures.

She has also worked on ISGlobal's HBV-COMSAVA project, focusing on a community-based strategy among sub-Saharan African migrants to perform hepatitis B screening and prevention, and has experience working on HIV and STI screening and prevention programs among the LGBTQ+ populations at CEEISCAT.

Main publications

  • Agustí C., Martínez Riveros H., García-Pérez J., et al. Feasibility and impact of online HIV/STI screening addressed to men who have sex with men and transgender women users of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in Spain (TESTATE PrEP): a study protocol for a non-blinded randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open Published Online (2023).
  • Picchio, C.A., Rando-Segura, A., Fernández, E. et al. HBV screening in west african migrant community and faithbased organizations increases HBV vaccination among this highrisk population in greater Barcelona, Spain. Journal of Hepatology (2023).
  • Picchio, C.A., Nomah, D.K., Araujo, S.G., et al. A novel model of care for simplified testing of HBV in African communities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain. Scientific Reports 11, 17063 (2021).
  • Picchio, C.A., Fernández, E., Araujo, S.G., et al. Decentralized HBV vaccination in West African community centres in greater Barcelona, Spain, to accelerate viral hepatitis elimination: preliminary data from the HBV-COMSAVA model of care. Global Hepatitis Summit, Taipei (2021).
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