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Hansel Mundaca

Hansel Mundaca

Medical Research Fellow Malaria

Hansel is a Peruvian medical doctor committed to action for the improvement of global health. He completed his medical degree with an international cohort in Ukraine and forged a passion for tropical medicine. He returned to Peru aiming to dedicate his career in favor of the most disadvantaged. Initially, he worked one-on-one with patients in the remote indigenous Peruvian Amazon. Posteriorly, he joined “Partners In Health” as a clinical investigator, leading the site with the highest recruitment rate in the UNITAID-funded clinical trial “ENDTB”, research evaluating the usage of shortened regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. 
Currently, he serves in ISGlobal as a clinical trial investigator in the BOHEMIA project and will be based in Mozambique since 2021. Additionally, he is remotely completing a Master’s degree in Global Health at Harvard University.  

Lines of research

  • Malaria
  • Global health