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Graduated in Psychopedagogy (Univ. CAECE & UAB), Master in Education and ICT / E-learning (UOC) and Postgraduate in online training resources edition (UB), Valeria Pleszowski has acquired extensive experience in designing and managing learning processes, mainly facilitating the integration of technological resources and implementing various methodologies.

She has been Head of Programmes for five years at CITM (UPC), leading management teams and educational processes for four years at Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya, and also consultant in academic, NGO and corporate projects, instructional designer, facilitator of e-learning and blended learning, as well as manager of the resources and teams involved.
Since 2011, she has also been a collaborating professor at UOC, supervising the Design and Management of e-learning Projects, and Internships for the University Master's Degree in Education and ICT and in continuing training programs.

With the conviction that the learning process should be based on the student's experience, while knowledge is built and validated in interaction, Valeria Pleszowski has joined the ISGlobal Training and Education team as Online Learning Specialist to promote online training. In addition to introducing various resources and methodologies, she helps by offering training through virtual channels, thinking about the needs of the professionals who are the objective of our programs and in their contexts.

In her words, "online learning gives us the opportunity to expand participation beyond close horizons, and open spaces of knowledge with a broader scope, collaboration, flexibility and diversity."

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